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ImPACT Testing

As part of our commitment to comprehensive concussion management services, Physical Therapy Innovations (PTI) offers ImPACT™ Concussion Testing. ImPACT™ Concussion Testing uses sophisticated computer technology to analyze cognitive and behavioral skills both before and after an injury. ImPACT™ Concussion Testing provides information regarding the relative severity of injury and a standard for evaluating recovery from concussion. Our credentialed ImPACT™ testing clinicians analyze results and share them with the athlete’s Physician or Athletic Trainer and helps guide the Return to Play process.

Baseline Testing

At PTI, we believe that a comprehensive approach to concussion management starts before an injury actually occurs. Our experienced clinical team utilizes specific screenings typically conducted during pre-season and used as an athlete’s baseline test to keep on record. In the event of a diagnosed concussion, a post-injury test is conducted to create a specific healing and rehabilitation protocol.

Our Comprehensive Concussion Management Program consists of:

  • Vestibular/Balance/Ocular motor rehabilitation
  • Vision and coordination testing to help assess deficits
  • Baseline testing
  • Orthopaedic evaluation of the neck, as well as contributing factors that may be causing headaches
  • Return-to-play/activity program headaches
  • Educational materials available to parents, coaches, athletes and workers
  • Specialist referral

Developed by clinical experts who pioneered the field, ImPACT™ (Immediate Post-Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing) is the most-widely used and most scientifically validated computerized concussion evaluation system. ImPACT™ provides trained clinicians with neurocognitive assessment tools and services that have been medically accepted as state-of-the-art best practices – as part of determining safe return to play decisions. Through tools such as the ImPACT™ Concussion Management Model ImPACT™ addresses the need for an accurate, medically accepted assessment system that is used as part of an overall concussion management protocol. This Model builds partnerships with healthcare professionals and athletic trainers to offer training and resources for affordable concussion management. ImPACT™ benefits athletes at all levels of play, from professional sports teams to students and their parents. ImPACT™ has the largest database of clinical research (more than 215 peer reviewed and 145 independent studies) on concussion management, validating ImPACT’s model. Further, ImPACT’s comprehensive normative data includes more than 75,000 (and growing) results, which provides reliability and validity of testing, even without a baseline. ImPACT™ has received numerous accolades and endorsements from many of the world’s leading sports authorities, governing bodies, teams and athletes. Currently, more than 10,000 medical professionals have been trained by ImPACT™ on concussion management and the ImPACT™ Program. ImPACT™ is in use by the majority of teams in MLB, NHL, NFL and WWE. More than 7,400+ high schools, 1,000+ colleges and universities, 900+ clinical centers, 475+ Credentialed ImPACT™ Consultants, 200+ professional teams and select military units use ImPACT™. Cirque du Soleil, Irish and South African rugby teams, among many other organizations around the globe also use ImPACT™. ImPACT™ and its products continue to evolve by incorporating the latest advancements in neurocognitive science and in technology for portability and ease of use. In addition, ImPACT™ is constantly expanding educational resources and tools to raise awareness regarding the importance of proper concussion management. Proof of ImPACT’s clinical value can be found in more than a thousand clinics and hospitals throughout the United States and elsewhere. The ImPACT™ Test is a fundamental element of ImPACT’s overall approach to concussion management. Here are important facts about the ImPACT™ Test:

The ImPACT™ Test is:

  • One important piece of the overall concussion evaluation and management process.
  • A sophisticated test of cognitive abilities.
  • The most scientifically researched concussion management tool.
  • A tool that can help health care professionals track recovery of cognitive processes following concussion.
  • A tool to help communicate post-concussion status to athletes, coaches, parents, clinicians.
  • A tool that helps health care professionals and educators make decisions about academic needs following concussion.

The ImPACT™ Test is not:

  • A “panacea” or cure-all for concussion, as there is no such thing. As long as contact to the head occurs, concussion will continue to happen.
  • A tool to diagnose concussion, which should always be diagnosed by a qualified health care provider.
  • A substitute for medical evaluation and treatment.

Source: www.ImPACTtest.com

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