Injury Prevention

ACL Injury Prevention Program

Let a one of our skilled Physical Therapist guide you through a training program to decrease your risk of injury!

Anterior cruciate ligament tears occur in tens of thousands of athletes every year. Physical Therapy Innovations’ ACL Injury Prevention Program can limit these injuries and keep athletes on the playing field!

A neuromuscular training program designed specifically for athletes has shown to effectively reduce the risk of injuries (including ACL ruptures), by improving strength and control through the core, hips, and lower extremities. The functional training exercises prescribed facilitate proper mechanics across the knee so the body is more prepared for dynamic, unstable, and unpredictable moments during play. Neuromuscular training programs have proven to reduce injury rates 30-50%.

Athletes participating in PTI’s ACL Injury Prevention Program will:

  • Learn to move correctly, including squatting, stepping, lunging, and running with neutral knee mechanics
  • Learn to properly jump, land, change directions, accelerate and decelerate, and cut to reduce stress through the joints and ligaments
  • Improve muscular strength, alignment, and control through the core, hips, and legs
  • Improve balance on uneven and unstable terrain
  • Improve stability and control in a dynamic environment to prepare to correctly react when an unanticipated movement occurs, such as stepping onto uneven surface or encountering direct contact with another player
  • Learn techniques to properly warm-up, stretch, and cool-down

ACL Rehabilitation Program

ACL Rehabilitation Program

Physical Therapy Innovations has a very progressive, intensive rehabilitation program for patients who have undergone ACL reconstructive surgery.

The program is designed to restore the patient’s performance within 12 to 14 weeks. It is imperative that the graft perform as a ligament as soon as possible following surgery

Your physical therapist will focus on strength, biomechanics, endurance, range of motion, plyometrics, flexibility, balance, and power.

While each program is designed to best suite each patient individually, we utilize the most current evidence-based protocols in order to allow you to return to your previous activities as quickly and as safely as possible.

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